Halsey on the Issues

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Strengthening Our Economy:
As someone who works in Agriculture, I know firsthand how important agriculture is to our community. We must take steps to ensure our farmers have all they need to compete. I also will make sure we protect our commercial fishing fleet as they recover from the BP oil spill. Working closely with Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, I will continue to fight for the agriculture community and give them every tool they need to succeed.

Protecting Our State Institutions:
Our state institutions are a vital part of our economy. Government must find ways to cut wasteful spending and abuse but it shouldn’t be done at the expense of our state employees. We must find the right balance that produces a result that is respectful to both the taxpayer and the employees who serve them.

Improving Education:
In order to create a thriving economy we need to make sure we have a well educated workforce. I am committed to improving our schools so every child can have the opportunity for a quality education. That means we insist on only the best teachers and we pay them accordingly. Also, working to get parents more involved in their children’s education.

Creating Jobs:
Florida has been hit hard by this recession and we need to put more Floridians back to work. As a small businessman I know what it takes to create jobs. That is why I will work to ensure we keep taxes low and get government out of the way so our small businesses can grow again.

Agriculture remains a key pillar to Florida’s economy and it is critical to the economy of almost every community in north Florida. Whether you are farming the land in row crops, cattle, timber, or nursery or fishing fresh and salt waters of the region, you know the significant regulatory pressures, increased competition from national and international products and the potential pest and disease dangers faced every day.

We must be smart and prudent with the regulatory programs which impact agricultural producers. Farmers are the original conservationist. Regulators should not propose or promote regulations based on emotions; they must be based on sound science.

North Florida’s unique natural resources are critical to our economy and way of life. While these natural treasures support the livelihood of many residents, we remain impacted by the decisions of other states and the federal government. We must not allow Alabama and Georgia to continue increasing their reliance on surface water which ultimately enters Apalachicola Bay. It is critical the decisions about the river be made based on science and strike the balance needed to ensure the health of our bay and the industry it supports. I believe EPA should stay out of Florida’s water policy. Florida has the most comprehensive water quality monitoring network in the country.

Lastly, we must continue to ensure our lakes, rivers and springs remain a crown jewel in north Florida’s tourist economy. I believe we can maintain the balance between conserving our natural resources without stopping growth in the private sector.  The decisions must be made at the state and local levels, NOT in Washington.

Protecting 2nd Amendment Rights:
There is no more fundamental personal right we enjoy than the right to keep and bear arms. As an avid outdoorsman’s and a lifelong gun owner, I am always amazed at the lengths some will try to chip away at our personal rights and freedoms to own guns.  I believe we must continue to protect our right to own guns while empowering the state to more efficiently issue concealed weapons permits. I believe this can be accomplished without weakening the safe guards which keep criminals and potential terrorist from getting their conceal- carry permits.

Small business:
As a small business owner it is imperative that we keep government out of the way when it comes to job growth.  The state should only try and create a positive “growing” environment for small businesses to flourish or when trying to attract new businesses to the state. More regulation, increased fees and rising insurance costs are all inhibitors that hinder small businesses from operating, expanding and creating jobs for new and existing businesses.

Common sense:
As someone that has to make a payroll weekly, I understand the importance of living within ones means in order to make a business run.    Bringing a common sense approach, coupled with my business experience and an absolute willingness to listen to the people of the district are the foundation of how I will serve you.

Conservative Values:
There is no more important job I have than as husband to my wife Cristin and father to three beautiful girls. The family is the most important institution with traditional marriage as its foundation.

Taxes & Spending:
Nobody knows how to spend their money better than you do and that’s why I want you to keep the dollars you have earned.  Government must live within its means and can’t raise taxes to fill their needs. I will not support any tax increases and will always look for ways to reduce the size and scope of government.

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